Brother Nelson Turner gave his life to the Lord in the year of 1980. He became a member of Fitzgerald Church of God by Faith under the leadership of Elder Quaiton Neloms where he became a Minister and was sent to Ocilla Church of God by Faith to assist Elder Walter Baker. In the year of 1982, the Lord moved on Elder Walter Baker to ask Minister Nelson Turner to go to Douglas, Georgia to begin a Mission. Minister Turner and Elder Baker traveled to Douglas to preach and teach the Word of God in the community. Also, there was a faithful member, Missionary Millie Graham, who faithfully attended service in Ocilla who worked faithfully witnessing and teaching the Word of God to whomever and wherever she could. Missionary Graham’s living room is where church services were conducted in Douglas, Georgia.

Ocilla church congregation was growing at a very fast rate until Elder Baker could no longer travel as often to Douglas with Minister Turner. Therefore, Minister Turner and Missionary Graham found an old funeral home on Cherry Street in Douglas, GA to have church services because her living room was too small for the amount of people who attended.

After two years, Pastor Turner moved from the funeral home on Cherry Street to a store front on West Baker Highway. God was sending a harvest of souls to the Douglas Church. Men and women were being saved, healed, and delivered. Pastor Turner asked for permission to knock out the walls in the old store front and permission was granted. Even with the walls knocked out, the building was still too small for the growing congregation.

Around 1987, Pastor Turner began searching for land to purchase to build a church. He prayed and asked God for His guidance. It was one Sunday afternoon when the Lord led him up a dirt alley right off of Leader Street. There he found a friend and a Godly mother by the name of Mary Eunice Dunlap. She had an old wood framed house up the dirt alley and behind her house she owned several acres of land. When she was asked would she sell some land by Pastor Turner, her reply was, “I always wanted a church by my house.” She sold the land to Pastor Turner and the work of building the church began. Because the dirt alley wasn’t paved, there was nothing but woods and two houses near the land that was purchased to build the church. Some of the members had concerns about building the church in such a wooded area but God was in the plan. As soon as the church purchased the land, it was revealed that a new road was to be built right in front of the land that was purchased and also new homes were to be developed. God was with Douglas Church every step of the way.

In the year of 1992, the church building was dedicated. Since then, countless souls have been saved, burdens lifted, and yokes destroyed. Douglas Church was added on to twice because of the growing congregation. Several years later, the church was renamed Sears Street Church of God by Faith. Pastor Turner gives all the glory to God for what he has done. “Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” (Psalm 127:1)